MTN Personalized Caller Tunes

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Don’t Just Entertain Your Callers, Inform them with MTN Ring Back/ Caller Tunes for Business, Pleasure or Fun!

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Strictly for MTN Users only!!!
You can call the number attached to this advert and listen carefully to the caller tune and understand better!!
Does it make sense?
Well, we can now get your caller tune customized or personalized to your taste and set it as your ring back tune to play for your callers. This means we can personalize your MTN caller tune for you so you don’t need to subscribe for other people tunez again. Imagine how exciting it will be when your callers hear your own voice or sound track or even your business jingle as caller tune whenever they call you.
Yes, we can set it up for your use as personal fun, business, pleasure, useful and useless causes too!!


It can be used for adverts: You can advertise your organization’s product or service through MTN Caller Tunez.
It can be used as reminder of birthdays, anniversary, wedding, ordinations, coronations etc.
It can be used as a greeting message.
It can be used as a means of passing information or reminder of an event.
A business man or trader can use it as an advert to tell his/her customers any new item he/she has in stock and even advertise clearance sales or discount sales.
A pastor or priest can also use it as a greeting message for his/her congregation and lots more.
The tunes are uploaded onto your sim on the MTN Servers and remains there for just 3 months (90 days).
Yes, the tunes have a lifespan too, though you can order for a change anytime time, or a renewal, na just your money sha!!

If you are a musician, gospel, high-life, rapper, marketer, small business owner, big business owner, artist, show biz person, entertainer, events manager and so on, we can upload your best tract or advert jingles to the Caller Tunez service, exclusive for you alone!!!
*** We can set the times of the day you want the MTN caller tunez to ring, morning, afternoon, night or weekends, and also u can also set special caller tunes for special numbers (that is, you can set a caller tune for a specific number to listen when they call you: a friend, associate, relative or a spouse to hear and lots more)***
If know about the MTN caller Tune service already, then you must know that it is a service that allows MTN customers to provide special tunes to their callers before you pick up the call. It is not a ringing tone but a subscriber based service to you.

When someone calls you normally, he hears a grin grin sound, but with this personalisation service that we will customize for you, they will hear as an example “welcome to my company, we deal in etc, etc, etceteraaa, thank you for calling our company,

I trust, you definitely have a recording that you have always wanted your callers to hear, be it for business or pleasure, we can add a background song to your voice and upload it unto your line!!!

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