The Flash Season 2 Completed (Episode 1 – 23)

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The Complete Flash Season 2 in a Memory card!!


Occupying about 2GB (23 episodes); The Memory Card comes installed with The Complete 2nd Season of ‘The Flash Tv Series’; that’s THE FLASH SEASON 2 (COMPLETELY DOWNLOADED INTO THE SD CARD) in crystal clear mp4 format, so u can watch all 23 episodes of this season in your mobile phones or on your pc with any compatible video player or media player.


This Lordbex 8GB MicroSD TF Memory Card is for you to expand the memory capacity of your compatible device like cell phones, PDAs, digital camera, music players, and more cool device that possess a microSD card slot. It is ideal for storing media-rich files such as installation files, applications or software, documents, music, videos and photographs.
You can easily delete the movie as soon as you are done watching the Tv Series and start using the memory card to save your files or documents together with the Card Reader on a pc.
All In One Memory Card Reader Engineered to deliver super fast data transfer speeds, the USB 2.0 card reader features a SuperSpeed USB 2.0 interface and support for next-generation Ultra High Speed and microSD TF cards. Capable of being plugged directly into the USB port on any desktop or notebook computer, the ultra compact Combo offers effortless file sharing in any situation.
Content of d pack.


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